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Serenitas Digital Imaging

Photographic Restoration.

If you have looked at your early photographs recently, you may notice they are deteriorating.

Colour prints lose their quality as colour drains from the pictures, black and white prints fade or turn sepia.

We can normally restore your pictures and provide you with new printed copies and digital copies on CD or DVD-ROM. Examples of our work

Photographic Manipulation

Would you like to commemorate an event with a modern printed album - including your own text and supporting images. Your pictures can be imbedded into the pages and placed in sympathetic backgrounds and colour schemes. Multiple copies can be reproduced for all your friend and families and we support the service with a master copy on CD or DVD-ROM for future use.

Photographic Print Scanning

Old fashioned photographic albums take up bookcase and shelving. The original protection sheets can sometimes damage the prints they were supposed to protect. We can scan you photographs and store them on CD or DVD-ROM. This lets you own master copies of your precious pictures and in combination with our Digital Image Processing services you can see your favourite pictures on your television or personal computer. See Slide Shows.