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Serenitas Digital Imaging

Here there are various levels of service:

Straight forward scan "as is" without any manipulation or resizing. This is ideal for preserving original collections and presenting exact replicas (warts an' all) on CD, DVD or the Web.

Scan to a specific print-size. Ideal for scanning a collection for a printed catalogue or album, or to fit a pre-determined web album.

Scan to a specific print-size and/or image resolution(s) This is great for showing low resolution representations of a collection on the web whilst securing the high quality from being used without your authorisation.

Scan with image manipulation/recovery. Ideal for the images that are fading, torn, scratched or that you want cropped or otherwise altered.

The types of pictures that can be scanned are:

Colour prints or negatives

Black and White or Sepia (monochrome) prints or negatives

Transparencies 16mm, 35mm, medium format and full frame

Old photographic glass plates.

We can cater for standard and non-standard sizes both mixed and same size collections.